Setting up a new network, or thinking of expanding your current one? Talk to us. We’re experts in Network designing and installing high-speed networks for businesses just like yours. We provide network support services in Cape Town and across Western Cape. You’ll soon have an efficient, up-to-date system running in your workplace. Your installation will be conducted with the utmost professionalism and planned out in advance to minimize disruption to your business. Outsourced network support is 24/7, it includes on-site support when you need it. We can do that. Maybe your business doesn’t need much IT network support on a daily basis. That’s fine too. With our network infrastructure support systems, you’ll have all the on-hand IT support you’d get from a full-time. With over 10 years as an IT network services company, we’ve worked with clients across a wide range of industries providing outsourced network support. We work with all sorts of organizations, from large corporations to SMEs.


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